Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wyoming Math Circle Implementation Plan

1. Host another Math Circle Conference – Week after 4th of July 2010 - Tuesday to Thursday or Wed to Fri
We would like to add a 4th day so we could do a hike or canoe thing …recreational …team building ….measurement activities etc… do it on 2nd or 3rd day

Who gets preference?
1. Past participants that are actively doing math circle like things
2. New participants that come with past participants
3. New participants
2. Fall Class

We meet 8 times for 2 hours virtually – 1 credit classParticipants each take part of the responsibility for organizing and developing the course.

3. Math Science Conference
Credit – Problem solving strand ….at Math Science Conference

Individual plans
Kira – Taking the problems and turning them into larger type projects

Mary- Math Circle problems in classroom

Kirk – A lot will be implemented in the classroom and in remediation ..being willing to go beyond the knowledge of the teacher.

Cindy – Incorporate these problems in a Monday Friday Cycle – introduce problem on Mondays ….debrief on Fridays

Vern – Create a math club centered around the math circle ideas – AMC test

Steve – Look at activities – in particular Zome tools – discover which activities are of most interest

Dave – Problem Solving Center - these problems will enrich the center – open ended explorations…Math academy for elementary – try to incorporate teacher circles in the academy

Ariane – Will be the representative for teacher circles in Laramie – Have a mini math circle at lunch with other teachers…Make problem solving that is part of the class – commit part of your time to a “problem of the week” – maybe try to fit it into the unit.

Mark and Kendall – Incorporate in classes – problem solving….Get more teachers involved. Start mini-math circle in Casper…help organize conference for next summer….

Nancy – Use in online problem solving and in intermediate algebra… 6th grade teacher in Cheyenne that might be interested in collaborating.

Bertine - Would really like to create a math club…not sure how to structure it…Problem of the day in the classroom

Deb – Designing a new class with Vern – Algebra I support class – Algebra I is an indicator for graduation rates….the course is wide open – Kids that are smart …just lost – if we can help them to feel successful – it will be powerful…even just the little games…if they can be successful with these math circle problems …hopefully they’ll be able to had success in Algebra I

Lynn – Do a better job with the middle school course – We could do more with the math club…Promoting the AMC contest and the Circle ….staying in touch with the national circles ….Taking on this Math circle fall course – figuring out how to do it well. Will work with some kids that want to do well in the contest….Writing up a “dialog” for the tangles problem – at a level that is accessible.

Greg – Encourage other UW mathematics faculty members to get involved in these kinds of things.

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