Monday, September 28, 2009

Bead Activity

My students used the bead activity as an introduction to patterns/algorithms;i.e. order of operations. The students so enjoyed the activity. I had them write down their two numbers on a sheet of paper and do the algorithm to find when the two numbers repeat. After completing the pencil/paper task the students actually made their necklace/bracelet from beads and pipe cleaners. The task became quite competitive and students worked diligently!

It gave me chill bumps to see the interaction and chat regarding algorithms.

This also led into the "Math in Action" photo for the new concept. The students were to take a picture of an algorithm and use pencil/paper to describe the algorithm. . . rec'd some real unique ideas!


  1. What is this "action" photo? If there's a real photo let's send it to Mark to start out blog page photo display.

  2. A new friend Nancy Blachman just showed me another blog that sets our number bracelet problem in a cute setting. We have an irritating mathematician who keeps posing questions, and then a team of claim diggers who solve his problems each night as the math guy sleeps. This is that website:

  3. One more comment that I meant to share months ago ... when we were exploring problem I explored other blogs whose experiences might overlap. I found this great one from Philadelphia, "The Math Less Traveled": The owner of the site has a software package he's able to use to organize his work and display of his understanding about the possible bracelet patterns. Well worth the trip!